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Mohammed Foiz Uddin MBE, MInstF

B.Com, M.Com, PG-Cert, MSc, ILGS


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Chairman's Message

Dear Stakeholders, Friends, Partners, and esteemed Visitors,

Greetings from New Hope Global!

It is with immense pride and gratitude that I extend my heartfelt welcome to you on our website. Since our establishment, New Hope Global has been on an incredible journey driven by a profound vision and unwavering commitment to our mission.


At New Hope Global, our vision is to foster a world where hope thrives. Every individual has the opportunity to reach their full potential. To build an empowered, inclusive, community-focused, and sustainable organisation delivering dedicated services necessary to enhance quality of life and build the capacity of the most disadvantaged communities.


Our mission is to improve living standard of the disadvantaged people with education and training, health and wellbeing services by addressing issues of social and economic exclusion, poverty and ill-health for building sustainable communities.

Since our inception, we have embarked on numerous projects and initiatives that have brought us closer to our vision. We have tirelessly worked to:

  • Educate and Empower: We believe that education is the key to unlocking human potential. Our educational programs have touched the lives of countless individuals, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to build a brighter future.

  • Caring for Health: Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right. New Hope Global has been at the forefront of healthcare initiatives, working to improve healthcare systems and provide medical awareness information to those in need.

  • Environmental Stewardship: Our commitment to sustainability is unwavering. We have taken significant steps to protect our environment, advocating for conservation and sustainable practices to ensure a greener, healthier planet for generations to come.

  • Community Building: We understand that thriving communities are the bedrock of progress. Through community-based projects and partnerships, we aim to strengthen social bonds and create opportunities for growth.


As we reflect on our journey, so far, we acknowledge the invaluable support of our team, partners, stakeholders and well-wishers. It is your unwavering dedication that has allowed us to turn our vision into reality. We are immensely grateful for your trust and commitment.

Our website serves as a window into the heart of New Hope Global. Here, you can explore our ongoing projects, connect with like-minded individuals, and join us in making a difference. We invite you to explore our website thoroughly and engage with us as we continue to expand our horizons.

As we move forward, our commitment to creating a world where hope knows no bounds remains unshaken. Together, we can build a future filled with hope, opportunity, and positive change.

Thank you for being a part of the New Hope Global family and for sharing our vision. We look forward to the exciting journey ahead.

With utmost appreciation and hope,

Mohammed Foiz Uddin MBE

Chairman, New Hope Global

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