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Youth Welfare

A Heart of England Project

This project is planned exclusively for the disadvantaged young population of below 25 years of age from all ethnic backgrounds in Aston and Small Heath. Youth who are struggling to find jobs due to poor skills, housing conditions, family situations and financial crisis that led them into any form of disadvantage, troubled youth and underachieving high-school and college graduates are the primary targets for this project. Activities will include two workshops every month for 12 months.


The beneficiaries will be trained for numeracy and communication skills, IT skills, mentoring, basic accounting, writing CV and cover letters, presentation skills, job searching skills, interview skills including volunteering and internships in partner organisations.

Please register your interest in Youth Welfare if you are below 25 years of age

Contact details for registration:

Anika Bibi

Administration Officer

New Hope Global

Tel: 0121-455-8144; Mob: 0759-159-8340


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