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Long Covid Community Engagement Project

New Hope Global are collaborating with Birmingham Community Health Care Trust, BVSC and Birmingham & Solihull Integrated Care System to help tackle increasing health inequalities and improve health literacy in relation to Long Covid, by undertaking engagement within their communities.  Engaging with communities to address these issues is a crucial step in providing support and information to those who need it. New Hope Global's partnership with the above partners can have a significant impact in this regard.

Our communities have been suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, many have experienced Long Covid which affects individuals who continue to experience symptoms after recovering from the acute phase of COVID-19. By focusing on improving health literacy and community engagement, the initiative can accomplish several important goals:

Learning: Increasing health literacy helps individuals understand Long Covid, its symptoms, and the available treatments and support. This can lead to better self-management and decision-making regarding their health.

Awareness: Community engagement efforts can help raise awareness about Long Covid, its prevalence, and the resources available for those affected. This is crucial for reducing stigma and ensuring that people seek appropriate care.

Support: Collaborations like this can connect individuals experiencing Long Covid with support networks, healthcare professionals, and resources that can improve their quality of life. It's vital for those living with Long Covid to access appropriate care and support.

Data Collection: Engaging with communities can also help in gathering data about the prevalence and specific needs of individuals with Long Covid. This data can be used to inform healthcare policies and tailor support programs.

Advocacy: These collaborations can also serve as advocates for those affected by Long Covid, working to ensure that healthcare systems are responsive to their needs and that resources are allocated to address the issue.

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