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Organisational Goals

New Hope aims to promote social welfare work at a grass-roots level. We have a particular focus on the disadvantaged ethnic minority communities of Birmingham, particularly Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Black Caribbean and African Groups.

Aims and Objectives:

a) to develop the skills of socially and economically disadvantaged communities in Birmingham. This aim manifests itself in all of our projects in different ways, such as through developing IT skills amongst elderly communities, or inspiring children’s interest in art.


b) to relieve poverty and distress, in particular, but not exclusively, among Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Black Caribbean and Black African people living or working in deprived areas; such as improving English skills in Aston and delivering another project assisting mental health and wellbeing in Aston. We also work to bring communities together and increase self-sufficiency in our Aston Community Gardening Group.

c) to provide and assist in the provision of faculties and community cohesion activities, particularly in areas of Birmingham with socio-economic and religious diversity. One project celebrates traditional South Asian games and introduces them to different socio-economic communities. It also tries to increase pride in heritage across Birmingham's immigrant communities, particularly in first, second and third-generation Bangladeshi communities.

d) to provide a platform for inter-faith dialogue both at the grassroots level in Birmingham and between community leaders. One project that works on this is our Aston Interfaith project which provides a platform to discuss religious tolerance and overcome these differences

e) to prevent poverty, improve health, education and housing for deprived people (including refugees) living in Bangladesh and other countries by addressing their needs, developing employability skills and helping them integrate into the society

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