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Digital Intervention to Support Well-being
A United Way Project

The project proposes to provide online activities such as games, fun activities, online shopping, and physical exercise training to our beneficiaries. We will reach our potential beneficiaries via telephone calls, local radio announcements and through referral schemes. The staff will provide administrative support to the organisation and the beneficiaries. The online personal trainer will attend online training sessions with the beneficiaries.

We aim to select 20 beneficiaries aged between 50 to 70 in Aston and surrounding areas, who are suffering from loneliness due to the current crisis. This project will create a digital platform for our beneficiaries through regular virtual meetings. In this three-month long project, there are nine sessions of mental health discussion and advise supervised by a qualified mental health therapist, and nine sessions of yoga classes coached by professional trainer. Total eighteen sessions will be provided virtually to our beneficiaries, who are in self isolation and struggling to cope the mental pressure triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following are some of the outcomes of this project:

• The use of digital technologies and online social media will help our beneficiaries to keep in touch with their family, friends and loved ones. This will help them to stay connected, enjoy the virtual companion and well informed of the current situation without being overwhelmed by the current crisis.

• Our beneficiaries will participate in yoga sessions which will reduce their immobility as well as boost their confidence and overall health condition.

• Participants will have mental stimulation, reduce their spiritual dullness, and enjoy remote companionship via regular video calls, group discussions, online group exercise, and mental health advise.

• Our participants will be more capable of joining the digital world and learn to stay connected, during the pandemic time as well as in their daily life afterwards.

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