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Strategic Aims and Objectives

New Hope Global’s objectives are focused on achieving positive outcomes for the local minority communities; everyone should live in a safe, strong, healthy, and sustainable community with opportunities to achieve their ambitions.  NHG was established to support and develop the capacity and skills of members of the socially and economically disadvantaged communities in our society by providing comprehensive guidance and training to excel as individuals and families, focussing on the migrant, new arrivals and the first/second elder generation from Bangladesh adapt services to overcome challenges they faced.  The organisation’s current coverage and reach are wider and welcomes anyone from the BAME and minority communities in Birmingham and surrounding areas in UK and overseas.


We believe in providing grass-roots level social welfare work focused on poverty alleviation through not only career development support for unemployed youth and adults suffering from financial hardship but also by campaigning for healthy living, income maximisation, environmental protection, help improve physical and mental health and wellbeing, advancement of education and sports, and advancement of arts, culture and heritage projects.


NHG builds and connect links with other charity and community development organisations, academic institutions, and businesses, working in collaboration to help people meet their needs.


The experience and community network of the Board of Trustees, management committee and the operational team provides a stronghold for our organisation to implement innovative projects efficiently with significant impact on the society.

Our Mission Statement

To support and empower minority communities to address issues of social and economic exclusion, poverty, and ill-health through the provision of education, training, health, and well-being services including counselling to improve lives of disadvantaged people living in them.


Our Vision Statement

To build an empowered, inclusive, community-focused, and sustainable organisation delivering dedicated services necessary to enhance quality of life and build capacity of the most disadvantaged communities


NHG’s Key Priorities Areas

  • Health and Emotional Well-being

  • Training, Employment & Education

  • Arts, Culture and Heritage

  • Social Inclusion and Community Integration



  • Partnership – working together to build to stronger and successful community

  • Integrity – Serving people with sincerity, honesty and with respect

  • Inclusivity – increased social inclusion, community cohesion

  • Empowerment – building capacity to enable individuals overcome barriers, become active and responsible for own decisions

  • Responsibility – New Hope Global has a responsibility to staff, key partners, stakeholders, and communities it works with to help achieve goals and targets


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