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New Hope Global delivers a range of pioneering health and well-being services to tackle health inequalities in BAME communities and women, empowering individuals to enhance personal mental and emotional wellbeing, physical well-being, adopt healthy lifestyles.  Our services offer a variety of activities from healthy eating & nutrition, access to physical fitness and sports such as Walk, Talk and Get Fit, Zumba/Pilates, Yoga, Let’s Cycle for Beginners and for Social Riders, Bell-Boating, Badminton, Cricket, and Swimming.


We utilise innovative activities such as arts and crafts to combat mental health issues in the Chai and Chat session, including drama, poetry, cultural games, puzzles, embroidery, and drawing.  Specialist speakers are regularly invited to raise awareness on vital topics on mental health, confidence building and raise awareness of many health topics.


Volunteers work with us to help nurture talents and skills by identifying training to enable them to support and/or lead on services as community Champions.

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New Hope Global Women's Regatta Team

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