Championing A Stronger Community

New Hope has been awarded a grant from the National Lottery Community Fund (NLCF) for an exciting project, ‘Championing A Stronger Community’, in Birmingham for three years. This was made possible by the money raised by National Lottery players. The project focuses on the community development and cohesion in terms of language development, career education, family improvement, personal development of the members of the communities of the inner-city areas of Birmingham.

The Bangladeshis and other ethnic minority people in the different inner-city areas of Birmingham experience multiple deprivations. People suffer from language barriers which prevent them from being integrated into society. Our ESOL training will help them develop their English language and improve their confidence to communicate in daily life. Unemployment is one of the most severe issues which lead to poor lifestyle and poverty in the region. To alleviate poverty, our project will introduce career education to young people aged 18+. They will have basic career education and skills development training. These will make them suitable for the job market.

Loneliness is currently a major problem among the elderly people in the community who feel isolated and lonely because of their language and cultural barriers. They feel that they do not get most of the opportunities available in the community. To make themselves feel a part of the community, we will introduce befriending sessions. They will be able to meet their peers and spend time in playing, crafting, and exchanging views on various matters. These community gathering will help them get rid of their isolation and loneliness. The befriending sessions will include arts and crafts, indoor games, story-telling, talks and yearly day-out programme with the members and through the process they will build a high network and connection with each other and thereby reduce their isolation and move forward to establish themselves in the society.

Health is wealth. Living healthy is one of the prime requirements in life. Our project is designed to help the elderly members of the community to improve their mental and physical wellbeing through the project workshops. They will be able to make new friends, improve their communication skills and stay healthy.

The project will offer Parenting lessons to the migrant Bangladeshi and BAME parents who often struggle to raise their children in a Western culture that is different from the one they grew up in. The sessions will help the community members by providing help and tips on raising children which will ensure the success of each individual family.

The members of the Bangladeshi and other ethnic minority communities are very much fond of food and drink. Our project will engage the community members in cooking or baking sessions and will organise cooking competitions. Participants will enjoy the fun of winning a prize.

Commenting on the award, Mohammed Foiz Uddin MBE, the Chairman of New Hope Birmingham said, “We are overwhelmed with joy to receive this support for our project from the National Lottery Community Fund. We would like to thank National Lottery players for their help and support to uphold our community work for the benefit of the members of deprived communities of Birmingham.”