Nusrat uddin

A motivated individual who is sociable and who is able to get things done efficiently. Experience in helping those from different ethnicities and is able to freely converse due to strong communication skills. Also, is able to collaborate with others due to good interpersonal abilities. Able to prioritise and work on multiple tasks with different deadlines. Effective and efficient, utilising critical thinking and problem-solving skills in demanding, dynamic work environments.

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Anika  Tahsin

I am independent and self motivated. I am enthusiastic, sociable and friendly with strong communication skills and the ability to converse with a range of people from different backgrounds. I handle difficult and unpredictable scenarios as a challenge by positively adapting to any given situation due to my resilient and flexible nature. A


Mahima jahan

I am a constructive, well-motivated and hardworking person. I can identify myself to have good organisation skills, for me to be able to start working promptly. I really like learning whilst I work, so I learn something new as this will help me in my own learning progression and skills. I am able to undertake a task which I am strongly able to do. So, I am hoping for a suitable position which I can commit to and be successful in.


Anika Bibi


I am a local resident who was born and raised in Lozells, I joined New Hope Global in October 2021 as an Admin and Outreach Officer.

As an Admin and outreach officer my role is to provide administrative support to the team of New Hope Global, I am responsible for customer service, have good organisational skills, good communication skills and greeting people.  The role of Outreach Officer requires me to understand issues relating training, employment, health, and well-being that are experienced by the communities we serve and to identify, engage and support our services and the beneficiaries of New Hope Global.  I will work as part of a team to support the design and implementation of a range of community services and develop and maintain positive relationships with a range of people, local groups, and organisations

I am a hardworking, caring, and friendly individual, I always ensure to complete any tasks or work to the best of my ability.   I have good interpersonal skills, work effectively as a team as well as on my own initiative.


Admin and Outreach Officer