Andalah Adel.jpg

Andalah Adel

Ex-Volunteer Project Assistant

Andalah is an A level student at Joseph Chamberlain College, started as a project assistant volunteer from June 2019. She is passionate charity works such as informing people about a better lifestyle, the benefit of using technology and helping people to overcome their loneliness. she strives to make a positive impact on the society through helping the local community.

Deena Baskin.jpg

Deena Baskin

Ex-Volunteer Assistant

Deena recently joined New Hope Birmingham and has been heavily involved in the English Language teaching project. She is from America, and is studying for a Masters in Education at the University of Birmingham

James Ashley.jpg

James Ashley

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

B S c M a t h e m a t i c s -U N I V E R S I T Y O F W A R W I C K 

 Nasiful started as a Volunteer for Ladywood NNS project from August 2020. Nasiful is a passionate charity worker helping people in informing about a better lifestyle, the benefit of using technology and helping people to overcome their loneliness. Nasiful strives to make a positive impact on the society through helping the local community.

Istvan Budinszki.jpg

Istvan Budinszki

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

Master's in Political Science, University of Miksolc and Master's in History, University of Debrecen

Istvan has over eight years' experience in the public sector on the field of EU co-financed rural, social, and cultural development projects in local and national context as well as the area of social tourism in Hungary. He is versed in handling all administrative tasks from grants announcement, evaluation to monitoring the use of support.He is ready for change, keen to learn and improve skills in the UK.

Ben Campbell.jpg

Ben Campbell

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

BA (University of Wolverhampton), MA (Aston University)

Ben has recently graduated from Aston University with a Masters degree in policy and social research. He is interested in socio-economic issues in and around Birmingham and hopes to become more familiar with these and what methods can be used to improve them. 

lucy Willis.jpg

Lucy Willis

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

 Lucy is a 1st year Law student at the University of Birmingham. She has a keen interest in contract and commercial law and works on bid-writing and fundraising at the charity. She is passionate about working with minority groups and young people for the betterment of the community.


Liz Bull Domican.jpg

John Litherland

Ex-Volunteer Funding Bid Writer

Student at the University of Birmingham (MSc International Development)

John is a full-time Post-Grad student who has gained knowledge from his studies in bid-writing and proposals. He is keen to expand on this and apply it to the real world. Having graduated with a Batchelor's Degree in Geography from Coventry University, John also has experience in working on projects when spending time in West Africa. John is a reliable and hardworking individual and will do the best he can for New Hope.



Liz Bull-Domican

Ex-Volunteer Funding Bid Writer

Student at the University of Birmingham (BA Geography)

Liz recently joined New Hope in June of this year whilst also studying at the University of Birmingham. After graduating with a degree in BA Geography, she hopes to pursue a career closely related to International Development. In particular, she is interested in reducing urban inequality whilst retaining culture in order to benefit the local community. Liz hopes that the bid-writing role will improve her written communication skills further, in addition to learning more about the relationship between project funders and New Hope Birmingham as a grassroots organisation.


Bobbie Blair.jpg

Bobbie Blair

Ex-Volunteer Project Assistant

BA (Philosophy & Politics, University of Southampton); PGCE (University of Southampton)

Bobbie is an ESOL tutor in the Aston and Sparkhill areas. She is a graduate of Philosophy and Politics and will be studying for a Masters in International Development in 2018. Bobbie joined New Hope with the intention of developing her skills in bid writing and community development to prepare her for a future career in international development.


Natasha Sutherland.jpg

Natasha Sutherland

Ex-Volunteer Funding Bid Writer

MSci in Physics, University of Birmingham

Natasha is a student at the University of Birmingham, going into the final year of a Physics degree. She is a methodical worker and has a strong passion for helping people, both of which lend themselves well to the role of writing funding bids.


Alex smith.jpg

Alex Smith

Ex-Volunteer Funding Bid Writer

MSc in Economic Policy, University of Birmingham

Alex joined New Hope in May 2017. He is a creative and organised individual with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. He has three years’ experience as a business analyst at a global financial services firm working on business intelligence applications. Alex has a passion for community development and with that intention to help reduce the shortcomings in the members of the diverse communities of Birmingham, Alex joined NHB as a volunteer.


durre Fatima Naqvi.jpg

Durre Fatima Naqvi

Ex-Volunteer Project Assistant

Fatima is a conscientious and passionate medical graduate, who wishes to apply her theoretical knowledge within a dynamic research environment, enabling her to develop and utilise her practical, technical and interpersonal skills. She is keen to know the grassroots level in the city of Birmingham. She joined New Hope in August 2017. She is fluent in both Urdu and English which help her to communicate with the wider communities in the inner city of Birmingham. She is also very enthusiastic to learn how the third sector operates in the UK. Now she is a qualified Doctor and  Currently, she is working for NHS.


Leonard jesinghausen.jpg

Leonard Jesinghausen

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

Having recently graduated from the University of Durham with a Philosophy Bachelor's of Arts degree, Lenny is a hard-working individual looking for a new challenge at New Hope Birmingham. Taking a keen interest in bid-writing with the hope of moving into project coordination, the charity provides an outlet through which Lenny can do his bit in helping socio-economically disadvantaged beneficiaries in Birmingham’s inner-city.


pablo Urech Bedoya.jpg

Pablo Urech Bedoya

Ex-Volunteer Co-ordinator

Master’s in International Cooperation (Ortega y Gasset research University) and Economics degree (Carlos III de Madrid University) Pablo is a Spaniard with six years of experience in charities related work, having assumed responsibilities in projects in Spain, Honduras, Guatemala and Chile. His roles ranged from financial controller to budget planning, project writing and fundraising. He also worked for three years in Ernst&Young as an auditor in Spain and the UK. He joined New Hope Birmingham offering his fundraising experience with the aim of boosting the integration of minorities in the city via enriching the intercultural exchange and enhancing XXI century skills.




Lydia John.jpg

Lydia John

Ex-Volunteer Fundraising Officer

BA (Sociology and Criminology) from University of Liverpool, MSc (International Development on Poverty, Inequality and Development) from University of Birmingham.

Having recently graduated from the University of Birmingham with a Masters in International Development (Poverty, Inequality and Development), Lydia is keen to expand her work experience in the development field. She is particularly excited about the prospect of being able to help minority and socio-economically disadvantaged communities within both Birmingham and abroad. 



Kristiana Cerna.jpg

Kristiana Černá

Ex-Volunteer Project Assistant

MSc in Development Management (Aid Management) from University of Birmingham, BSc in International Territorial Studies from Masaryk University

I am studying at the University of Birmingham. As a student, I wanted to gather further experience to meet with the people and know their culture and traditions. Working with New Hope gave me a chance to work with the members of the community and make a difference to the people around us. It also provided an opportunity to develop new skills and build on existing experience and knowledge. I found it both challenging and rewarding to work with the community.



Ajay patel.jpg

Ajay Patel

Ex-Volunteer Fundraising Officer

MPharm (Pharmacy) from University of Brighton, Registered Pharmacist (GPhC)

Having graduated from the University of Brighton with an MPharm, Ajay worked as Pharmacist for quite a few years until he decided to gather some experience with the community work. He is keen to help minority and socio-economically disadvantaged communities within both Birmingham and abroad. As a volunteer at New Hope, he aims to use his skills gained in healthcare to make a difference to benefit local communities.