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The members of Trustees of New Hope have a wide range of knowledge and experience in representing and working with the Bangladeshi and other Ethnic Minority Communities within Locally, Nationally and Internationally. In their personal careers they have extensive experience of managing community engagement and cohesion projects in Birmingham and in delivering a wide range of community initiatives.

Mohammed Foiz Uddin MBE MInstF
B.Com, M.Com. PG Cert, M. Sc (ILGS)
Former Banker, Former Local Government Officer and Community Cohesion specialist
Chairman (Trustee & Director)

Mr Uddin is a very hard-working individual with more than 35 years of experience working in the banking and third sector, including the local government. Throughout his career, he has remained dedicated to helping the Bangladeshi community within the UK along with other deprived, disadvantaged and under-represented communities. He has strong negotiation and diplomacy skills when dealing with sensitive issues and has extensive knowledge of project development, implementation and managing big budgets. 

Mr Uddin was a member of the Governing Body (2016 - 2018) in one of the nationally recognised and highly reputed Bishop Vesey's Grammar School in West Midlands. He has been recently honoured by the Institute of Fundraising for outstanding contribution in fundraising and also awarded as an “Ambassador for Peace” by Universal Peace Federation in 2018.

In terms of working in multi-agency partnerships, he have developed strong relationships with various stakeholders, local and national service providing agencies and high profile individuals, such as Birmingham City University (BCU), Aston University, University of Birmingham (UoB), West Midlands Combined Authority, West Midlands Together, Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, West Midland Lord-Lieutenant office including local, regional, national and international elected representatives. During his professional career, as a Local Authority Officer of BCC, he was involved in managing various projects, like Ethnic Catering Development Initiative (ECDI), Bangladeshi Taskforce and World Youth Programme, including voluntary, statutory and private sectors, such as Birmingham City Council, Advantage West Midlands, Learning Skills Council, Birmingham and Solihull Connexions, JobCentre Plus, Birmingham and Solihull Business Link, South Birmingham College, University College Birmingham, Hanley College Coventry etc.

As a chairman, he provides the leadership and direction to the board of Trustees- ensuring the board is fulfilling their responsibilities for the overall governance and strategic direction of New Hope. Furthermore, he safeguards that the organisation complies with its governing document, charity law, company law and any other relevant legislation or regulations and monitors that the organisation pursues its objects as defined in its governing document. Working in partnership with the chief executives and supporting the employees, helping them achieve the aims of the organisation; and optimising the relationship between the board of Trustees and the staff- are also part of his role as the Chairman of New Hope.

shahid khan picture_edited.jpg
Shahid Ahmed Khan
HNC in Public Administration
BA (Hon) Government and Politics
Former Local Authority Officer BCC
(Trustee & Director)

As a former Local Authority Officer of Birmingham City Council, under Equality division, Mr Khan has been engaged in different roles which have sought to tackle disadvantage and promote equality in a variety of settings covering the Voluntary, Charity, the Public and Private sectors. He also has extensive knowledge, skills and experience in supervisory and management role. He has also managed various project budgets and engaged in policy development, service improvement, project development, implementation and dealing with locally, regionally, nationally and internationally Elected Members, Diplomats and delegates.


Mr Khan was involved and contributed an essential role in the PVET Project (Preventing Violent Extremism and Terrorism) and in a project to help improve the governance structures of mosques and faith-based organisations to help build a relationship of trust between the religious organisations and statutory organisations.


In addition, he has successfully compiled a directory of Mosques and Madrassahs in Birmingham and the Midlands providing information and contact details of over 200 organisations. Under his supervision, several national and international conferences were conducted with the Pashtun and Afghan communities in Birmingham, on behalf of the Home Office and the Armed Forces- which was a pioneer of this type.


During his professional role, he has participated in organising and running Local, General and European elections. He has over 30 years’ experience of acting as a Presiding Officer at Local, General and European elections and over the past three elections and performed duties as an Assistant Control Officer for one of the ten parliamentary constituencies in Birmingham. He has supervised around two dozen polling stations, including all the arrangements and issues that may arise. Mr Khan is very keen to involve with New Hope, to contribute to the local community by implementing his vast knowledge, experience and skills.

Shahnaz Ahmed Minu
School Support Worker, Birmingham Local Authority City Council
(Trustee & Director)
Angela Hyden.jpg
Angela Heyden
Certificate in Community and Advice Work, (Formerly Birmingham Polytechnic - Birmingham City University), NEBS Management Certificate – (Birmingham City Council Action Learning)Counselling Skills - (Matthew Boulton College)
(Trustee & Director)

Mrs Minu is currently working as a support worker of a local secondary school. In her role, she is involved in several projects, and is responsible for organisation finance and evaluating and setting targets. After her completion of BA in Political Science, Finance & Management she worked with Grameen Shakti (NGO), Bangladesh as a finance officer.


She worked in Regeneration Partnerships and Programmes where she delivered the vision, strategy and priorities defined by the boards and executive management teams through developing the strategic business plans. These defined the priority initiatives and actions. Translated the objectives and priorities into operational annual delivery plans, directing and managing their implementation. The delivery plan is a document that plays to a number of audiences; firstly to the partnership boards that are made up of representatives from the public sector, private sector, statutory agencies, the community and voluntary sectors, it also has to contribute to organisational goals/strategies and it also has to satisfy the funder/s. She can also work even in difficult circumstances.


Angela is a confident, professional, and motivated person with excellent communication skills and a flexible approach to work. She is conscientious and committed to both personal and professional success. she has an inquiring and logical mind and the ability to organise my work to ensure the efficient delivery of what is required and very keen to acquire new skills in order to further myself and reach my full potential.

Angela has experience as a Finance and Administration Support Officer in Birmingham City Council. Within this role, a two million pounds budget was managed to procure goods and services for the Division whilst simultaneously carrying out the function of Grants Monitoring Officer, supervising the administrative and clerical staff through sourcing and line managing Agency Staff. She also organised conferences and staff training.


She has Expertise in Financial Management for the Divisional Budget, Addressing Grants Management to Voluntary Organisations, Managing the activities of the building and Health and Safety, Staff Training, supporting the relocation of staff. She also has experience as an Administrator For British Red Cross  and Health and Disability Assessment. Had a valuable role as Vice Principal in various schools namely Great Barr Academy, Recruitment Officer in NHS Trust.


Addressing Grants Management to Voluntary Organisations, Managing the activities of the building and Health and Safety, Staff Training, supporting the relocation of staff, and liaising with internal and external staff both face to face and on the telephone. Represented the Division at various meetings in relation to Budgets, Procurement, Building Users Groups and Health and Safety. Additionally, the Division secured funding from Central Government for a 3 Year Prevent Violent Extremist Project in excess of £3m, my responsibility was the Financial Management for this project, procuring goods and services and engaging with external agencies.


Asha Begum
NVQ in Information Technology (IT-Dip)
Harold Matuta0.jpg
Harold Mututa
BA Architecture (Hons), PG-Dip
Former Regeneration Manager, Birmingham City Council


Mrs Begum is working with a Psychiatry Hospital as a Support Worker. As a part of her current job, she supports vulnerable people to live happy and independent lives- helping people to live their lives as independently as possible and support them in reaching their potential, through both practical and emotional support.

She possesses the ability to manage individuals as well as resources in the health sector. She has strong links and partnership in working with other agencies including the local service providers, such as Probation and the Police. She is able to provide a holistic approach to aid those that she works with to maintain accommodation, reduce offence and abuse and provide assistance with mental health, substance misuse, training, education, employment and life skills. Mrs Begum also worked in Boots Ltd. as a supervisor, where she had learnt to manage staff, monitor their development, plan and implement business policy and participate in the store budgeting process.

In addition, she has supported the development and implementation of social and economic regeneration strategies regarding Black and Ethnic Minority Communities in Birmingham. She is very passionate to contribute to the local community through her knowledge, skills and experience as a board member of New Hope.

Mr Mututa has 20 years of proven Programme and Project Management, development and delivery skills and committed, self-motivated Senior Manager with a proven track record of Programme and Project Management and delivery skills gained in four multi-million large, complex and cross-service regeneration programmes/partnerships circa £200 m involving the Public and Private sectors. He also developed services and bids, coordinated and written successful bids over £66 m from both UK and EU funding. He is a highly motivated, enthusiastic, tenacious, committed and proactive leader and team player; with an ability to steer performance and deliver effective results, continual improvement and striving for optimum outcomes in a result-oriented environment without compromising the quality of service or standards.

He has provided technical advice/expertise and financial management to colleagues, managers and internal and external partners. Develop and contribute to business cases in coordinating input from partners. Organise and maintain business relationships with a wide range of agencies and organisations as well as people from varying backgrounds. He was appointed as a Black Country AIM for GOLD Programme Manager in 2016 at the City of Wolverhampton Council. During his professional career, he has provided technical and financial management advice/expertise regularly to his colleagues, managers and internal and external partners.

​Mr Mututa is committed and highly capable of monitoring, implementing and expanding New Hope’s objectives, including planning, developing and executing the budgets of the organisation. As a General Secretary of New Hope, he ensures that committee meetings are properly administered, keeps membership records up-to-date, and monitors committee member action points. Given these responsibilities, the Secretary also acts as an information and reference point for the Chair and other committee members: clarifying past practices and decisions; confirming legal requirements and retrieving relevant documentation.

ImoGi male.jpg
Nigel Potter
BA Econs (hons) MBA, ACIM, ACSA, Executive Committee Member
Former Business Development Manager for Birmingham City University, De Montfort University, and Inwards Investment Manager.


Nigel has extensive bid writing and business development expertise with regards to the private, public and the voluntary sector. He was the business development manager for Birmingham City University, De Montfort University and Inwards Investment Manager and identified and secured significant ERDF, ESF, HEIF, HCA funding. He also held the position of interim CEO for The Digbeth Trust (2010) and currently serving as a Trustee, Vice Chair and Treasurer for the Digbeth Trust Charity. He has well over three decades of experience and understanding of organisational skill needs and business requirements with regards the private, voluntary & social enterprise & community sectors. He is an experienced project and programme manager within the public, private & Third sectors. With exceptional planning and organisational skills and an affective communicator with team members, stakeholders, and partners.


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