As a result of current pandemic, many of our project activities have come to a halt as the national lockdown began. New Hope staff have been working from home. During this situation, all our face to face workshops, training and events have been postponed. We adopted digital intervention system to communicate with our beneficiaries and helping them with issues such as loneliness, physical inactivity or mental issues resulting from national lockdown. Starting with the telephone calls, the beneficiaries were trained to use online meeting platforms and electronic gadgets. Our trainers conducted online sessions to deliver their physical activity or mental health awareness programmes. New Hope volunteers and staff have been in constant touch with the clients for updating them with the government guidelines for coronavirus and helping them for shopping or medication collection from GP or pharmacy. We have been committed to maintaining the community resilience even in social isolation period of the crisis.

Our Chairman Mohammed Foiz Uddin suffered from COVID19 in November/December 2020. Just after getting recovered, he rendered his dedicated, committed efforts together with his colleagues Nawsher Ahmed Sikder, Dr Sultana Kudrati Khoda, and Juma Begum. They were engaged in providing support with shopping, essentials and emergency food packs, door to door delivery of the items and collection of medications from GP for our esteemed community members who have been suffering from Covid19, social isolation and loneliness during the pandemic.

Thanks to our partners, stakeholders and funders for their continuous support during this very difficult and uncertain time.


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