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Coronavirus Resilience Fund

The project is aimed at providing the people of BAME communities of Birmingham dwelling in Aston, Lozells and Spark brook and Sparkhill with food support which are among the highest affected areas due COVID-19 transmission in terms of death rate and economic volatility. People of these areas are predominantly of Bangladeshi origin and the elders among them, particularly the women are struggling in myriad ways due to their restricted mobility which has resulted in their hardship, loneliness and depression of alarming level. Most of the people are involved in the catering, transportation and retail sectors. Having lost jobs in the midst of pandemic these people are witnessing financial hardship of despicable level. Almost everyday, we receive phone calls from our clients with request for emergency food supply. Based on the frequency of the calls, we have selected 15 most vulnerable and hard to reach families consisting of around 70 people dwelling in Aston, Lozells, Spark brook and Sparkhill. Despite the restrictions being eased a bit due to declining rate of Covid related infection and death these families will have to struggle for the next few months until the economy is recovered. Under the framework of this emergency food supply project we want to create a food safety net for these families, so that they do not have to worry for supplies for the next three months. The food vouchers will contain the essential goods necessary for a 4-6 member family.

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