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Samsul Arefin

IT  Support /Community  Development Officer

Samsul Arefin joined New Hope Team on August 2023 as a Volunteer IT Support officer. From November 2023, Arefin joined as an IT Support Officer where New Hope Webpage maintenance, Graphics Designing and ordering of organisational promotional materials, Database analysis and solving general IT issues are the major responsibilities.

He has a combination of transferable skills worked as Customer Service Officer, Mail Sorter, Digital Mapping (GIS) Technician and Land Surveyor and Land Measurement Specialist. 2D AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing is another technical skill he has developed from the previous employment that helps him to develop graphic design ideas.

Samsul has completed his graduation in Town Planning from the Khulna University of Bangladesh and conducted several geo-informatics courses at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockhom, Sweden. Thereafter, he finished a Mapping and Land Surveying Diploma from Kartotek, Stockhom which is the most renowned Professional Diploma Institue in Sweden.

Samsul has gained experience  from different International Development Projects focused on poverty alleviation and settlement Programmes, Banking and financial organisations. Arefin has joined this position as he has related general IT and graphical work experience. Moverover, he has a strong desire to update his IT administration skills and experience that would be beneficial to this organisation.


Tel:     0121-455-8144

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