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Championing a Stronger Community


Championing a Stronger Community project will help community members improve their confidence to communicate in daily life through English language courses. Basic career knowledge, CV writing, and skill development training will be offered to young (18+) people by our career progress workshops, which will build their confidence to apply and get them ready to join the job market. The project will also address the loneliness problem in the community. Our befriending sessions will include arts and crafts, indoor games, storytelling, talks and yearly day trips with clients. This will build a social network and companionship and encourage them to contribute to society. The importance of maintaining mental and physical wellbeing will also be addressed in this project by professional health trainers through regular sessions. In addition, our parenting workshops will benefit the migrant parents, who are struggling to raise their children in Western culture. Fun activities like cooking and baking sessions will also be a part of this project.



Healthier Mind and Body


The project will assist our beneficiaries in combatting stress, depression, anxiety and other mental health-related problems arising from poverty, domestic violence, unemployment or job dissatisfaction, bullying, racial attacks, loneliness, and deprivation. At the same time, the project will provide vital resources to combat physical issues, isolation, and separation within the communities. Participants will attend weekly 2-hour workshops for mental health awareness lectures, yoga & fitness sessions, arts & crafts, indoor games, and fun events. Our programmes will be held in collaboration with our partners Acacia Family Support, Cygnet Health Care and Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust.

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Showcasing the Stories of Bangladesh Liberation War


The 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh is one of the most remarkable incidents in the history of South Asia. It was a revolution and armed conflict sparked by the rise of the Bengali nationalist and self-determination movement in the then East Pakistan. Birmingham shares a proud attachment with this memorable war as the Bangladeshis of this city formed the first East Pakistan Liberation Front in 1969. This vicious war history is unknown to many of the younger generations in Birmingham, particularly of the South Asian communities. To spread the history and heritage of this war, we will hold the screening of war documentaries, arts and crafts workshops to symbolise the exploitation, photo exhibitions, illustrated talks by the freedom fighters, a theatrical performance on war stories and oral history interviews to benefit over 500 beneficiaries. The outcomes will be to identify and explain the war heritage, to enlighten people about the facts of the conflict, and to create an amicable space for discussion and enhance the friendship between the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities. We will publish three project magazines, a book on the project and a documentary on oral history interviews which will be archived in the library of Birmingham.

To find out more on the project and to join the team, CLICK HERE


Stay Healthy with Gardening


NEW HOPE GLOBAL received a generous fund from the Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation for the project entitled “Stay Healthy with Gardening". The project aims to engage around 80 men and women of all ages and help them to refresh and develop gardening skills, manage isolation and depression, cope with feeling low, practise of eating homegrown healthy food, communicate in a great way with family and friends via community gathering and reconnecting with nature. 


The funding for a 12 months project will be utilised in different ways:

• People will learn how to utilize backyard garden space for self-sufficiency that will save cost and improve their vocational skills, and, in the process, help build a healthier community

• The people who do not have a garden they will also be trained in pot gardening and promote using recyclable plastic containers

• On-line Gardening Skills Training will be subscribed for the staff and volunteers

• Participants will be able to sell their produce within the community during the project 

• The delivery of our project depends on wide outreach work within the community which seeks to engage the South Asian community inspiring them to venture outdoors, meet new people and learn a new skill.

• Our participants from past gardening projects will also be involved as a gardening champion and will transfer their skills with access to online resources and learning materials. They will offer outdoor gardening skills and experience to the new participants aiming to include at least four different inner-city areas of Birmingham. 

• During the summer workshops we will offer the participants real gardening experience using our allotment space.


Every Mind Matters - Healthier Minds for Healthier Lives


The project aims to make a positive and palpable contribution to the mental well-being of disadvantaged women Bangladeshi, men, carers, and other people from BAME communities and elderly.    

The purpose is preventative and early intervention to support existing individuals with mental health and avoid individuals’ mental health from escalating. The aims are to: 

  • Enable every beneficiary to become physically active and independent in an as many ways possible 

  • Encourage engagement in services to connect with people, alleviate social isolation, segregation from their communities and suffering from loneliness 

  • Make connect with other people, people interactions are important for the mental well-being 

  • Equip individuals to manage stress and anxiety, increase self-control and empower our beneficiaries to learn new skills. 

  • Promote healthy eating for mental well-being and reduce obesity • Signpost participants to other in-house services, training and workshops, signpost to external partner organisations for specialised services 

  • Allow people to concentrate on the present (mindfulness) 

The funding will support the organisation to offer services such as a coffee morning for women, Zumba exercise sessions, cooking, access to professional services such as counselling, walking to parks and canal side, visits to museums and bell boating trips.


Healthier Community through Sustainable Gardening


This project will bring socially and economically isolated Bangladeshi community members with poor life & social skills in Aston and Small Heath areas together in a community gardening initiative based on the principle of mutual learning. We will advertise, recruit, and encourage adults to get involved in this volunteer-led weekly exchange sessions on vegetable gardening and how to utilise backyard garden space and local allotments. This will save their money as well as improve their vocational skills and, in the process, help build a greener community. The weekly sessions will also include mental health advice and yoga classes to address the need for mental health well being awareness and experience the benefit of yoga practices.

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COVID 19: New Hope Global


NHG has been working with local communities. Since the outbreak of COVID 19, many of our beneficiaries have been suffering from physical inactivity leading to social and cultural isolation and loneliness. They have also been affected by mental health issues. We have an expert team of staff and volunteers who are experienced with communicating with these community members and bring them into activity through virtual intervention. The digital method of communicating and serving our community is a new initiative by New Hope Global during the Coronavirus crisis. This grant will enable us to provide the required support to our beneficiaries through virtual intervention. Our staff and volunteers will be well equipped with gadgets to communicate with the beneficiaries. Our organisation will also be supported to survive during the pandemic.


Keep fit through online training

This project proposes to provide online activities such as games, fun activities, online shopping, and physical exercise training to our beneficiaries. We will reach our potential beneficiaries via telephone calls, local radio announcements, and through the referral schemes. The staff will provide administrative support to the organisation and the beneficiaries. The online personal trainer will attend online training sessions with the beneficiaries.

This project will create a digital platform for our beneficiaries through regular virtual meetings. In this three-month-long project, there are nine sessions of mental health discussion and advise supervised by a qualified mental health therapist, and nine sessions of yoga classes coached by a professional trainer. A total of eighteen sessions will be provided virtually to our beneficiaries, who are in self-isolation and struggling to cope with the mental pressure triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Get active in lockdown!

In order to provide help and support to the vulnerable adults and elderly people in five different areas of Erdington constituency, NHG has planned a programme called ‘Get Active in Lockdown’. This project will use virtual communications with these elderly people of the community to keep them engaged in physical activity, online games, fun activities and friendly chat during the lockdown which are essential to improve mental health at this stage. As a measure to support in general maintenance, NHG will help with shopping, medication collections or any other reasonable external help.

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