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The programme offers students an opportunity to express their artistic flare and designed to develop young people’s inquisitiveness and engage with the wider community in Birmingham. The purpose of the project is to empower young people and to build their confidence by exposing them into more particular sectors of modern culture.


New Hope works with BBC Children in Need to introduce children and young people to the creative arts by taking them to visit local arts venues such as The Barber Institute of Arts and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. This helps the young people of Birmingham to explore different areas of their own city and the vast cultures they are surrounded by. The trips will also engage the students in the arts and give them a wider exposure to high quality art work and the opportunity to learn practical art skills through various workshops at these venues.

BBC Children in Need helped developed this programme to focus on soft outcomes for the children which can been seen though our projects main goals: to increase the young people’s levels of confidence, to provide them with a new sense of motivation and most importantly to encourage them to take up new opportunities. 


We are currently working with several local artists in Birmingham together with Ark Boulton Academy to implement exciting, engaging and encouraging art workshops for students in Years 7, 8 and 9.

Barber Institute Birmingham

Birmingham Library and Art Museum