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Mohammed Foiz Uddin Ahmed MBE


A dedicated and passionate individual who has succeeded across both the Public and Charity/ Not for Profit Sectors, whose work has led to the award of an MBE. Has diverse experience in leading key voluntary and charitable organisations at local, national and international levels. An agile professional with extensive understanding and experience of the challenges individuals face has led to the provision of advice, assistance and solutions to those involved. A leader with a diversity of experiences, who has a sustained record of success across various roles. Passionate about social welfare and standing firmly to campaign and represent people from the grassroots who are most in need, whose achievements reflect their capacity to pursue objectives, maintain focus, and partner with others to meet a common goal. An expert strategist and highly motivated individual, with a proven record of achieving excellence, who continues to implement best practices, utilising personal vision and self-management. A team player and an independent thinker, with valuable creative and decision-making abilities, together with excellent communication skills that have been demonstrated in many areas. Flexible and quick learning with key expertise across sectors. Excellent awareness of protocol procedures of local, regional and national structures in the UK as well as overseas.

Plays a key role as the founding member and Trustee of New Hope Global – a charity run by passionate community activists who support and empower socially and economically disadvantaged, ethnic minority communities. • Provides clear and strategic direction for financial sustainability and key project planning.  Liaises directly with various local and national charities, which has resulted in extensive collaboration and highly beneficial relationships. Represents the charity in local communities and grant-making bodies to highlight the important work the organisation does.  Leverages personal Birmingham City Council experience; helping to address the mainstream service need gaps that third-sector organisations must address.



Tel:     0121-455-8144

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